STAYWARM has been developed with Coffee Charcoal fabric that increases skin surface temperatures up to 5 Deg C, while trapping heat close to the body
STAYCOOL has been developed with Cool Jade fabric, reducing surface temperature up to 5 Deg C
BIOCERAMIC technology was developed for rejuvenation and to counteract fatigue when applied to the skin
X-FORM Posture Correction tops feature built-in bands on the back that correct and support your posture, helps to increase endurance and strengthens weak muscles

Technology & Performance

With fabrics that aid in cooling, heating and recovery, we have distinctively paired it with patterns that compress, give support and protect for each of our targeted individual sport categories. Our goal is to assist the athletes in their individual pursuit to train, recover and perform. Our cutting edge fabric is designed to withstand the rigours of hard use and the needs of use in extreme conditions. This allows our athletes to have technical apparel that keeps up with them. STAYWARM with CoffeeChar, STAYCOOL with CoolJade and Recovery with BIOCERAMIC, all with well-built long lasting gear.